Mainframe software marketing for German-speaking Europe.

Over 25 years of mainframe software experience

Technical competence and solid knowledge

sysware was established in 1987 and distributes mainframe software and client/server products within German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). 
As part of our main tasks, we establish software solutions on the market and ensure constantly that these products will be widely known. Within the scope of internet operations, mailings, phone calls, congresses, trade shows and presentations at prospect sites, we gain product acceptance and furthermore the absolutely vital confidence for the foundation of a successful partnership.

Constantly in touch with the z/OS market

All companies using a mainframe within Germany, Austria and Switzerland are being contacted by sysware at least on an annual basis. We maintain close business relations with our customers for more than ten years.
This valuable network of business relationships allows us to introduce mainframe software to the market place seamlessly without delay – particularly for operating systems like z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE.
  • A widely known and trusted mainframe partner
  • Long-term relationships with our customers
  • Top sales people with mainframe background
  • Think different to stand out from competition

In addition, sysware supports companies of different branches in all phases of planning, realization and maintenance of internet/intranet applications as well as troubleshooting and debugging on PCs, client/server and complex networks.


Gain your competitive edge with sysware

Take the step towards a successful marketing of your mainframe product on the German-speaking marketplace in Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and get in touch with the mainframe sales manager at sysware already today.
By the way, the German-speaking mainframe market traditionally represents the largest mainframe market in Europe with approximately 1.300 installations.